Terrenus Energy wins 70 MWp solar project from HDB, EDB

SINGAPORE – Terrenus Energy Pte. Ltd. (Terrenus Energy) and Digo Corporation Pte. Ltd. (Digo Corporation) have been jointly awarded a 70 megawatt-peak (MWp) solar contract by the Housing Development Board (HDB) and Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). This project is the sixth solar leasing tender under HDB’s SolarNova programme which will see the installation of solar panels across 1,198 HDB blocks and 57 government sites.

When completed, it will become Singapore’s largest collection of distributed solar systems capable of generating at least 90 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of solar energy annually. According to Terrenus Energy’s estimations, this amount of energy is enough to power around 20,000 4-room HDB flats for one year and help to offset carbon emissions by about 38,000 tonnes per year. This is also equivalent to planting around two million trees or taking 8,000 cars off the road.

The award of SolarNova Phase 6 brings Terrenus Energy’s renewable energy portfolio to over 150 megawatts. As project developer, the company will leverage its deep expertise from previous large-scale projects, including Singapore’s first utility-scale solar farm and largest ground-mounted solar farm.

“Terrenus Energy is very honoured for the opportunity to work with HDB and EDB, as well as our partner, Digo Corporation, for this SolarNova project,” says Mr Charles Wong, Chief Executive Officer of Terrenus Energy. “With Singapore’s limited land and rooftops, it is our goal to utilise more available surfaces for renewables deployment and maximise every inch of space we get for clean energy generation. We are committed to helping Singapore achieve its energy targets under the Singapore Green Plan.”

As part of SolarNova Phase 6, Terrenus Energy is developing proprietary smart electrical power meters to be installed at assigned HDB blocks. The devices will gather and track energy consumption patterns and performance data of common services such as lifts. Tapping onto this data, HDB and Town Councils can compare and derive actionable insights on energy supply and demand across individual blocks in an estate. Town Councils will be able to optimise maintenance cycles and detect electrical anomalies early for repair, minimising energy wastage.

Terrenus Energy is also striving to deploy other new renewable technologies to create further opportunities for widescale renewables adoption in Singapore. Last year, the company completed and rolled out Singapore’s first mobile substation in its SolarLand 2 project. It is a proprietary modular solution that containerises the substation unit for rapid deployment capabilities. Looking ahead, the SolarLand 1 Extension project, Singapore’s first hybrid renewable powerplant, is set to be operational later this year. Once completed, it will be the only facility in the world to integrate solar, wind, wave, and thermal devices for “4-in-1” generation.

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