Glass-integrated BIPV module from Japan

Image: AGC Glass

Japanese glass manufacturer AGC has developed a building-integrated PV (BIPV) panel for different building requirements. It can be installed on facades, canopies, and curtain walls where normal glass can be placed.

From pv magazine

Japan’s AGC has developed a BIPV module consisting of laminated safety glass with embedded solar cells. It said the “SunJoule” panel can be adapted to different building requirements.

SunJoule is available with either monofacial or bifacial cells and the cell arrangement can be customized according to a client’s need, the manufacturer said. The spaces between the cells can be customized from 6 mm to 30 mm.

Customers can choose between simple laminated glass and laminated insulating glass. The glass composition is determined by the manufacturer after calculations considering wind load, glass size, and the chosen support method.

An interlayer film is placed between the solar cells and the glass. Each module can have a maximum size of 2,400 mm x 1,800 mm.

The product was recently used for the 3D-shaped entrance canopy of the Global Zero Emission Research Center the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo. The PV system has a power output of 6.7 kW.

AGC said the solar cells embedded in the glass can effectively reduce heat transmission, as they block sunlight while harvesting solar energy. The PV devices are also said to create a comfortable space with natural light through the spaces between the cells “like sunbeams through the leaves of trees.”

The company said the BIPV glass has already been deployed at 215 sites since its launch in 2000.

Author: Emiliano Bellini